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Tech Demo

Tech Demo Introduction

The LBS China Business Forum in 2017 has a strong focus on innovation and its strategic importance in driving growth and collaboration between China and UK. For the first time, CBF will feature a special Tech Demo to allow the forum attendees to touch and feel the tangible innovative products and have face-to-face interactions with the tech companies at all stages.

This is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and tech companies to promote their brands and products by directly engaging with 400+ attendees from both China and UK.

If you have a cool product that can WOW THE ATTENDEES, we would love to have you at the Tech Demo!

Agenda & venue: The Tech Demo will be held between the morning and afternoon sessions of the forum (tentatively 12:00pm - 1:30pm), at the Merchant Taylor's Hall in London.

Snapshot of the Attendees

(30+) Speakers & Investors  +  (330+) Audience*  +  (~20) Tech Demo Companies  +  (20+) Media

= (400+) Attendees

* including forum partners and organizers

What do we offer at the forum?

  • 90-minute Tech Demo to showcase your products to 400+ world-class investors, companies, students and media

  • 5-minute on-stage presentation in front of 400+ CBF attendees

  • 1-day full access to China Business Forum’s keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking sessions

How will you benefit from attending?

  • Increase exposure of your business and products in front of hundreds of potential customers. You will get to showcase your business and products to 400+ attendees in an intimate environment, giving you the perfect opportunity to build your company profile and directly interact with hundreds of potential customers. The association with London Business School China Business Forum can also provide you strong brand credibility and name recognition in the business community.

  • Enhance product marketability and receive constructive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. At the Tech Demo, you are encouraged to conduct product surveys and gather first-hand feedback from the attendees. This can help you gain better understanding of your customers and seek real-time advice from experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Expand your network with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from UK and China. Through participating in the Tech Demo and other networking sessions hosted by the China Business Forum, you will discuss hot business topics, exchange ideas  and socialize with high-caliber people from politics, academia, businesses and media in both China and UK, which may open new opportunities for you in terms of potential investment, business partnership, customer acquisition and media coverage.

  • Build long-term relationship with London Business School’s professional, student and alumni networks. You will tap into the talent pool of 42,000+ LBS students and alumni, and benefit from the LBS career service to find the right talents and introduction to corporate partners. Besides, you will be added to LBS China Club’s partner network and get involved in future events organized by us such as investor tours, networking events and company visits.

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How To Participate

Selection Criteria

We are looking for ~20 tech companies with a strong focus on innovation and demonstrable products that the forum attendees can touch or try at the demo session. We will have special considerations for companies who are interested in the Chinese market or founded by student / new grad entrepreneurs.


The following dimensions will be considered in your application.

1. Product Innovation (40%)

How innovative is your business / product(s)? What are the unique value propositions of your business / product(s)?

2. Demonstration Engagement (60%)

Do you have a functional product that the attendees can have a try at Tech Demo? How will you be showing your product(s) at the Tech Demo? Will any sample / gift / other promotional materials be provided?

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Application Timeline

The demo companies will be screened on a rolling base. If you’re interested in joining the Tech Demo session of the London Business School China Business Forum, please register by filling in the Application Form

Participation Cost

The cost of each Tech Demo spot is £80. You will also have FREE access to all other forum speeches and panels, and networking sessions.

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact Sam Zhang at


Looking forward to your application!

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