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About 2016 CBF team



Shannon Li (MBA 2017), Xing Sun (MBA 2017) 


Project Controller 

Stephanie Zhao (MiM 2016)


Theme and Speaker Engagement

Ted Liu (MBA 2017), Hamish Forwood-Stokes (MBA 2017), Siyuan Wang (MiM 2016)


Event and Experience Management

Andreas Saele Helland (MiM 2016), Yue’er Li (MiM 2016)


Sponsors Relations 

Letian Dai (PTMiF 2016), Catherine Yang (MBA 2017), Lindsay Duebendofer (MBA 2017) ,

Lihui Xu (MiM 2016), Kristian Diskerud (MiM 2016)

Marketing, Public Relations and Sales

Yifei Wang (MBA 2017), Shel Kongping Han (MiM 2016), Emily Yue (MiM 2016), 

Li Xu (MiF 2016), Yiying Liu (MBA 2017)

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