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Media Reports on CBF

CGTN - LBS Holds China Business Forum: China Business Forum in London on trade relations

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中央电视台新闻直播间(CCTV):关注中美经贸摩擦 英专家:贸易保护主义必将付出代

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Yahoo Finance - Seng Yee Lau Decodes Tencent's Global Innovation Model at the China Business Forum 2019

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China Daily - Student-led business forum hears about Sino-UK opportunities

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凤凰新闻风直播 - 欧洲攻略 | 脱欧未决,和中英商界大咖一起来谈天说地

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Past Forum Highlights

For past forum highlights, you may check out our video highlights below:

CBF 2019 highlights

CBF 2017 highlights

CBF 2016 highlights


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