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Session 1: The New China - the Rising Power


China's rising economic and soft power has strengthened its influence at the world's stage. We will look into how China's flagship Belt & Road Initiative influences East-West co-operations. We are also keen to explore how Sino-British relationship evolve after the Brexit referendum. The liberalization of Chinese capital markets coupled with RMB internationalism widens the scope of East-West collaboration, and we will discuss the opportunities and challenges over cross-border investments.

  • Morning Panel: UK/China Belt and Road Collaboration – Evolution of the Modern Silk Road

  • Morning Panel: China's Capital Market - Embracing the World


Session 2: Sinovation – the Golden Era

"Made-in-China" label has long been associated with negative connotations. In recent years, China sheds it "copycat" image and impresses the world with its new inventions. In this year's CBF, we will take a deep dive into some of the best and most evolutionary Chinese innovations. We will explore how these firms establish and integrate themselves into a rapidly-changing and competitive world.

  • Morning Keynote: The Smartphone Giant (Huawei Technologies)

  • Morning Speech: COSMOPlat - Reshaping Business Solutions in A Digitised Era (Haier)

  • Morning Speech: The Power of Cloud (Alibaba Cloud)

  • Afternoon Keynote: Electric Cars - the Game Changer (NIO)

  • Morning Speech: Journey from East to West and Future Expansion (Mobike)

Session 3: Technology & Entrepreneurship – the Power Shift

China is on the path to the global technology dominance, and it has just started. China’s entrepreneurship ecosystem has been established and China is playing a catch-up with its Western counterparts. We invite you to join our discussions on the global power shift in the Technology space and how entrepreneurship empowers the proliferation of innovation in China.

  • Afternoon Panel: Pushing Limits - Changing landscape of UK’s start-up ecosystem

  • Afternoon Panel: Dive and Thrive - How Chinese entrepreneurs compete and succeed

Session 4: Fashion & Luxury Goods – When East Meets West 

Chinese Fashion and Luxury Goods market has witnessed a phenomenal growth with a remarkable 20% consumption increase in 2017. With the booming middle and upper-class consumers, western brands are crowding into the Chinese market which embraces the growing dominance of e-commerce, smart payments and consumption upgrades. In this session, we will explore the changing dynamics of the sector and the importance of China’s role.

  • Afternoon Speech: The Changing Consumers (Harrods)

  • Afternoon Panel: Chinese Designers - Our Voice 

Session 5: Young Leaders – Talents with A Global Vision 

Over the last decade, there has been a surging number of Chinese students pursuing their studies overseas, and accumulated number has reached 4.6 million in 2017. These students have brought home with them not only a western degree, but also a westernised mind. In this session, we invite some of the best young leaders based in the UK to share with us their insights on how Eastern and Western talents interact, compete and integrate, and how they deal with cultural and reverse cultural shocks in a new / changing environment.

  • Afternoon Speech: Road to Leadership

  • Afternoon Panel: Young Leaders

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